Airsoft Gun Vigor L86A2 Spring Rifle

Airsoft Gun Vigor L86A2 Spring Rifle

40.00 inc VAT


  • The gun is a sturdy & reliable spring powered airsoft rifle, which fires a single BB pellet shot each time it is manually cocked making the gun inexpensive and easily maintained, as it requires no gas or batteries to operate –  Good choice as Starter BB Rifle
  • TheL85 is a “bullpup” type of rifle, meaning it is a rifle where its action & magazine are located behind its trigger
  • The chief advantage of a “bullpup” rifle is that the weapon’s length can be significantly shortened without decreasing the guns barrel length
  • This enables a “bullpup” rifle to be manoeuvred in compact locations & concealed more efficiently than a conventional weapon with a similar barrel length, and preserves the benefits of a longer barrel in muzzle velocity & accuracy while reducing the weapons weight
  • The L86A2 by Vigor airsoft is a full size 1:1 realistic replica of the British Army issue SA80 L22 “shorty” carbine assault rifle
  • You also get some excellent extras to add to the gun, flashlight &  scope, all of those parts fit on the guns rail system but can all be removed from the bb gun if you want to
  • The rifle’s magazine is removable & the mag release is located in the same place as the real steel version
  • The L85’s magazine holds around 400 bb pellets – This bb gun also comes with a small pack of bb pellets to get you going, but we recommend you don’t use them & get some better ones when you get the gun
  • Colour: Two – Tone Black/Green
  • Weight: 1600G
  • Length: 78cm X 31cm
  • Power Source: Spring
  • Fires Single shot only
  • Hop up: fixed
  • Uses 6mm pellet
  • N.B Can’t be purchased Online. Ring 091 – 769974 for more info


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