Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike – 17cm

Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike – 17cm

18.00 inc VAT

  • A super realistic Baby Pike imitation loaded with innovative features
  • Unparalleled 3D Scanned details will fool even the most vary predator fish and ensure you brutal attacks
  • The Paddle tail will give the lure an incredible lively & rocking action with a clicking rattle chamber driving the predator fish crazy
  • The innovative release rig, enables the rear hook to detach from the lure Body when a fish is hooked
  • The rig is mounted to a build in swivel, so the fish have a very hard time to roll on the lure & use the force to pull out the hooks
  • The clever system also protects the soft part of the lure, from staying in the Toothy zone
  • 1x Body, 1x Curltail & 1x Paddletail
  • 3D Scanned details
  • Tournament trebles & Components
  • Stainless steel release rig
  • Corkscrew tail mount
  • Multiple action, riggings and run depths (Up force & down force)
  • Paddle tail with removable rattle
  • Size: Weight: 45g & Length: 17cm
  • Hook size: #1
  • Slow Sink


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