Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout

Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout

25.0030.00 inc VAT

  • 3D Trout Line Thru swim bait, made from a super detailed 3D scan of a Real Trout
  • The swimming action of the lure is as close to the real thing as you can imagine, it literally swims like a live trout & it can trick even the most clever pike to attack
  • The Innovative line thru Y-system allows you to put the hooks either on the back or on the belly, depending on how you want to fish the lure
  • When the fish attacks the lure and gets hooked, the lure shoots up the line and away from the fish – so the fish cannot use the weight of the lure to throw the lure
  • Y-Line Thru system, you can mount hooks on belly or back
  • Superior 3D details
  • Mesh reinforced joints
  • Hook slot in the harness, both belly and back
  • Unique Double spike hook/stinger hook for the 20 & 30cm version
  • Pre rigged with 49 strand wire and hooks on belly
  • Tournament hooks supplied
  • Colour Choice
  • Size: 25cm & 30cm


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