SAVAGE GEAR 3D Suicide Duck

SAVAGE GEAR 3D Suicide Duck

16.00 inc VAT

  • A super realistic Duckling top water imitation lure loaded with innovative features!
  • The 3D Scanned details will fool even the most vary predator fish & ensure you brutal attacks
  • Hard ABS ultra-strong body with semi-soft & durable feet
  • The spinning feet give the lure an incredible lively, splashing action, leaving a great bubble trail & wake, calling in the predator fish from distance
  • For open water fishing the 2 feather covered treble hooks, one on the chest & one on the back, ensures good hook up rate
  • For fishing in snaggy conditions, remove the treble on the belly
  • The lure is designed, so it always land on the belly with the exposed treble hook on the back
  • 2 styles of action:
  • 1) Attach the line to the Beak & the lure will run with a low, discreet posture, like a duckling trying to hide  escape
    2) Attach the line to the chest & the lure will run higher, with a more panic fleeing action. It can be fished fast or slow, with steady retrieve, long pulls, & mimics a duckling in the most realistic way!
  • Superb lure for Pike, Bass, Musky & big brutal Catfish!
  • It is said that a great top water strike, counts for 10 regular hits – tie on the Suicide Duck & find out!!
  • Great Top water Action
  • Plopping & splashing feet
  • Belly Landing Balanced
  • Back hook / Weedless option
  • Snug fit Hook clips
  • Feathered hooks
  • Superior 3D details and realism
  • 2 action styles, low & high Fleeing
  • Size: 10.5 cm / 28g – Floating


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