Alpen Camping Butane Gas 400ml

Alpen Camping Butane Gas 400ml

3.50 inc VAT

  • Alpen Camping gas cartridges are convenient, fully mobile & fully safe gas containers that can be used to power a stove, burner or travel stove
  • Small but powerful!
  • This synonym of mobility & safety is indispensable when preparing a meal, brewing coffee or tea or heating a room with devices powered by gas cartridges
  • The product is fully atested – full set of DEKRA certificates, attestations and tests – all for you to give you full comfort, warmth & confidence
  • Eagerly chosen by tourists, campers, drivers, but also fishermen, hunters o otherpeople who stay in the field for a long time & are looking for a convenient way to have a warm meal
  • Cartridge Gas designed for portable gas devices such as Camping Stoves, Bunsen burners, Soldering Torches, Heater, Grill etc
  • Integrated safety valve prevents gas from escaping
  • Very easy to assemble & use


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