DAM Effzett Crazy Vibe – 9cm

DAM Effzett Crazy Vibe – 9cm

9.00 inc VAT

  • The EFFZETT Crazy Vibe is a lipless crank bait made of soft PVC that comes with a Colorado blade at the tail
  • The soft body is designed to have a narrow vibe during the retrieve that attracts a lot of attention
  • In combination with the silver blade the Crazy Vibe sends out huge pressure waves, triggering fish from a great distance & resulting in hard strikes
  • Due to the relatively small body profile it has an amazing casting ability leading to extremely high casting distances & more covered water
  • The Crazy Vibe can be fished with a steady retrieve or a combination of steady retrieve & big jumps & drops where the lure breaks out like an escaping baitfish
  • Easy to use for everybody with every kind of gear & super effective
  • Size: 9cm / 41g
  • Colour: FireTiger


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