FLAMBEAU Classic Green Teal Wing Duck Decoys

FLAMBEAU Classic Green Teal Wing Duck Decoys

13.0070.00 inc VAT

  • This banner decoy series takes its name after the most anticipated phenomenon of the waterfowl season, the arrival of fresh birds with a storm front
  • Carved by renowned master carvers Tom Christie, Dave Van Lanen & Rich Smoker, Storm Front 2 decoys are a deadly fusion of what the birds need & the hunter demands
  • Unsurpassed realism & unequivocal durability
  • From a proprietary polymer blend for “battleship” longevity in the field to the ultra-visible, ultra-violet & ultra-effective use of UVision paint technology, the Storm Front 2 series has duping the ducks season after season down to a perfect science
  • Classic Body 10.5″
  • Set of 6: 2 x Active Drake, 2 x Resting Drake, 1 x Dabbler Hen &1 x resting Hen
  • €13 each or Box of 6 €50


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