Leeda Rig Storage with 24 winders

Leeda Rig Storage with 24 winders

18.00 inc VAT

  • This unique product offers the perfect solution for sea, pike & fly anglers alike to organise, protect & simplify their fishing
  • With 24 foam winders included in the box, rigs can be accessed with ease
  • Protects Pre-Tied Rigs
  • The 7cm size winders come in 3 different colours so you can specify the style of rig on each winder & again you can easily select the rig of your choice quickly
  • The box will fit into the most popular seat boxes for sea & game anglers
  • Front compartment left empty for accessories such as bait needles, bait cotton, leads, etc  so you can have all the necessary rigs & tackle in one box for a successful day’s angling
  • Dimensions: 355mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 80mm (H)
  • 24 foam winders included
  • 3 colours


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