Miuras Mouse Big 95g

Miuras Mouse Big 95g

43.00 inc VAT

  • Miuras Mouse is a unique blend of bucktail & a plastic tail providing a swimming action during retrieve that is an almost irresistible target for hungry pike
  • You can fish the Miuras Mouse extremely slow & maintain exceptional control even during windy conditions and fast drift fishing from the boat
  • Another important feature of the Miuras Mouse is the ability to move a lot of water
  • The big profile combined with the flat “nose” in the front which pushes a lot of water & the twin tail that moves in all speeds, this is the perfect snack for a big pike looking for an easy meal
  • This combination gives it an unequalled big fish catching ability, especially when the fishing is slow or on pressured waters
  • Take your pike fishing to a new level with the Miuras Mouse!
  • The mouse is double-treated to ensure its durability
  • The tail is attached with a BFT screw, which allows you to replace it quickly
  • It is 23cm in length & weighs just 95g – lightweight but dangerous!


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