Miuras Mouse Mini 40g

Miuras Mouse Mini 40g

39.00 inc VAT

  • The biggest pike fishing news, It would seem like this is it!
  • The Italian masterpiece designed by Maurizio “Miura” Carini is produced in close cooperation with Catch With Care AB
  • In recent years, Miura has been linked to several reports of great pike catches in Europe
  • The Miuras mouse can be used at very low speeds & it is therefore easy to command even in challenging conditions
  • The lure’s astounding features make it a true fish magnet
  • The mouse is double-treated, which means that it can endure pike after pike
  • The tail is attached with a BFT screw & can be replaced quickly
  • Another important characteristic of the Miuras Mouse is its ability to shift large amounts water
  • These qualities provide the Miuras mice their unparalleled ability to take down large pike; particularly when fishing at lower speed in waters with high fishing pressure
  • All Miuras mice are made by hand under the tutelage of Maurizio, thus ensuring extremely high quality!
  • Test it yourself & witness the quality!


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