RIO InTouch Scandi OutBound

RIO InTouch Scandi OutBound

90.00 inc VAT

  • The Rio InTouch Scandi OutBound is a short belly integrated line designed to cast easily & load quickly
  • It is a fantastic choice for casters that find spey casting difficult & for situations when there are obstructions close to the angler, no matter what the casting skill
  • The rear weight distribution & long front tapers make this line easy to cast & allows energy to unroll effortlessly to the fly
  • The line is built on a supple nylon core that will not tangle while Agent X technology helps ensure that the running line floats for easier line management & consistent long range casts
  • The smoothest casting of all Scandinavian style lines… and no joints!
  • Short head that loads quickly & makes it easy to cast in tight quarters
  • Rear loaded weight distribution for effortless, efficient spey casts
  • Long front taper that unrolls with great efficiency & power
  • Colour: Dark Green/ Orange / Yellow
  • Line size: 9/10F – 38g


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