RIO Intouch Short Head Spey Line

RIO Intouch Short Head Spey Line

110.00 inc VAT

  • An Easy Casting Traditional Spey Line design built for maximum versitility
  • The Short Head Spey line from RIO is a very easy casting, traditional style Spey line, which is ideal for Spey casters moving up from easier casting Scandi & Skagit heads
  • The head length varies between 40 ft & 50 ft, depending on line size & it is a great choice of traditional Spey line for anglers using shorter rods & when fishing in tight quarters
  • The longer head lengths (when compared to Skagit and Scandi heads)allow for less stripping in time at the end of each cast, which means more fishing time & less loose line to handle & shoot with each cast
  • Short head loads quickly and makes it simple to cast in tight quarters
  • Rear loaded weight distribution loads rods easily for effortless casts
  • 15’ VersiTip compatible for greater depth control
  • DualTone
  • Front Loop


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