Savage Gear 3D Backlip Herring 135mm

Savage Gear 3D Backlip Herring 135mm

12.50 inc VAT

  • Perfectly made replica from small herring that imitates a wide variety of prey fish both salt & freshwater
  • The Backlip Herring swims with a great rolling & flashing action calling in predators from a long distance
  • The lure cast very far  as soon as retrieve is started, the backlip will fold out  the lure will start to roll & flash immediately
  • The backlip will force the lure to the surface & you can fish even over very shallow areas
  • The lure will rise in the water when speed is increase, great for fishing over weed beds & reefs
  • A great innovative search lure, with a great casting distance great for Pike, Seabass, Asp & other predator fish
  •  Superior 3D details and realism
  • Innovative back Lip design
  • Great rolling and flashing action
  • Shallow running, Rising at speed
  • Long casting tungsten design
  • Steel Blade tail hook teaser
  • SG ST36 Tournament trebles
  • Selection of colours
  • Size: 135mm / 45g
  • Rolling


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