Savage Gear 3D Hard Eel Tail Bait

Savage Gear 3D Hard Eel Tail Bait

19.9523.95 inc VAT

  • A super versatile Real Eel 3D imitation loaded with innovative features
  • The 3D Scanned details will fool even the most vary predator fish and ensure you brutal attacks
  • Turn the tail up and “Down Force” on the tail ,will force the head up, so the eel comes to the surface and runs right under the surface creating a create super wake effect
  • The short tail, turns the hard lure into a superb glider, with a great side to side glide, with slight tabs from the rod tip
  • The down-turned tail will create “up force” on the tail part, so the lures stays down in 2-4 feet all the way in, turn the tail up & the “down force” on the tail will force the lure to the surface straight way, with a super wide & breaking glide
  • EFFTEX 2014 Best New Hard Lure Winner
  • Runs from top to 6 feet
  • 3D Scanned details
  • Tournament trebles and Components
  • Magnet hook holder
  • Corkscrew tail mount
  • Multiple riggings & run depths -Up force & down force
  • Spare & provocation tails in range
  • Slow sink
  • Size: 25cm / 109g / Hooks size #2/0 & 17cm / 40g
  • Colour: Motor Oil


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