Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Tuff Trolling 10 Foot Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Tuff Trolling 10 Foot Rod

55.00 inc VAT

  • The extremely popular Ugly Stik Tiger Tuff rods have been used over decades & became the number one rod for many (salmon) trolling anglers & the most popular trolling rod on the market
  • The blanks are extremely strong & practically unbreakable due to the use of the Howald Process Tripple Built method
  • Next to that, the rods are equipped with Ugly Tuff™ guides, which are slick & bulletproof
  • The one piece stainless steel construction makes them Ugly Tuff and ideal for trolling
  • Finished with a comfortable V-shaped front handle & gimbal, these rods are all you need for trolling for a very affordable price!
  • Comfortable V-shaped EVA front grip
  • Conventional reel seat with stainless steel cushioned hood
  • Durable, fighting-length EVA grips with gimbal
  • Ugly Tech™ construction
  • Ugly Tuff™ one-piece stainless steel guides provide excellent corrosion resistance & durability
  • 10 Foot | 15-40lb


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