Snowbee Folding Salmon / Pike Net with Rubber Mesh

Snowbee Folding Salmon / Pike Net with Rubber Mesh

70.00 inc VAT

  • Snowbee Folding Salmon / Pike Net with Rubber Mesh  ideal for landing Salmon & Pike / Predators, with the latest rubber mesh
  • Snowbee started receiving requests from salmon & pike anglers for a larger model after the Game net was launched
  • Working on exactly the same principle as its smaller brother,  just scaled up, this model makes the perfect salmon or large predator net
  • The entire net weighs in at just 915g/32oz
  • The large  teardrop frame has a 28” deep, 18mm rubber coated mesh
  • Twin foam grips on the handle, plus a stainless belt clip, the extended handle provides an overall length of 70” for greater reach from both bank & boat
  • Snowbee Folding Salmon / Pike Net- features the very latest USA-style, moulded synthetic rubber mesh for minimal scale damage when fishing ‘catch & release’ a most important consideration
  • Another great feature of using a rubber mesh landing net is the rubber coating helps prevents hook barbs catching in the mesh, which can be so annoying when you net a fish
  • And lastly you’ll be delighted to find rubberised nets are easily cleaned, free from odour & tend to be more durable when passing through undergrowth
  • Overall Length: 70″
  • Folded Length: 42″
  • Frame: 27″ x 23″ – 28″ Deep
  • Product No. #15172
  • Replacement Mesh Available


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