SUFIX SFX 4x Lo Vis Green Braid

SUFIX SFX 4x Lo Vis Green Braid

18.00 inc VAT

  • The Sufix SFX Lo Vis Green 300 yards is a very high quality braided line
  • This line is available in different diameters & strengths
  • This allows you to choose the line based on the thickness & strength needed for your fishing
  • The line has a green colour & one spool contains 270 meters of line
  • Furthermore, this line is virtually invisible underwater due to its low visibility
  • This braided line is made from Japanese UHMPE Fibers High Strength & Low Stretch, which gives the line its high strength & very low stretch
  • In addition, the line is round, smooth & supple which makes it excellent for casting & has an optimal position on the spool
  • 300 yards / Lo Vis Green


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